• Release date: July 22, 2019 (Library WAV) - July 30, 2019 (digital)
  • Catalogue: FM Records FMCD234
  • Publishing: FM Records S.r.l.
  • Genre: production music
  • Running time: 35:56
  • Music composed by Andrea Montepaone and Dario Giuffrida, orchestrated and conducted by Andrea Montepaone
    Produced by Alessandro Pinnelli
    Recorded between June and July 2019, mixed and mastered in July 2019 at FM Records studio in Rome
    Strings recorded at Abbey Rocchi studio in Rome
    Sound engineer and programming: Dario Giuffrida



  • Endless Story(3:33)
  • Depth Lover(3:37)
  • Sweet Woodland Fairies(3:52)
  • Scottish Flying Unicorn (3:11)
  • Spring Fairy Tale(2:55)
  • Charming Mystery(4:20)
  • Heron Dance (3:02)
  • Mulberry Tree(3:17)
  • Icelandic Sunset(4:23)
  • Sailing by the Horizon Line (3:46)


  • Paolo Coluzzi (violin in “Mulberry Tree” and “Icelandic Sunset”)
  • Giovanni Cretoni (oboe and English horn)
  • Alessio Mancini (flute, piccolo, alto and tenor recorder)
  • Alessandro Mazziotti (galician gaita in “Endless Story” and “Sailing by the Horizon Line”, piva emiliana in “Heron Dance”, low whistle in “Sailing by the Horizon Line”)
  • Giada Olivetti (voice)
  • Gioia (voice)