• Release date: April 17, 2014 (library and digital) - May 13, 2014 (CD)
  • Catalogue: FM Records FMCD144
  • Publishing: FM Records S.r.l.
  • Genre: production music
  • Running time: 52:46
  • Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Andrea Montepaone
    “Tantum ergo” lyrics by St. Thomas Aquinas, traditional Gregorian music
    “Surge qui dormis” lyrics by St. Paul, music by Andrea Montepaone
    “Ave Maria Gounod”, music by Charles Gounod
    Produced by Alessandro Pinnelli
    Recorded, mixed and mastered between March and April 2014 at FM Records studio in Rome
    Strings recorded at Abbey Rocchi studio in Rome
    Sound engineer: Dario Giuffrida



  • Tantum ergo(4:14)
  • Kyrie eleison(4:07)
  • In caelo et in terra(3:18)
  • Surge qui dormis(3:02)
  • Alleluia solemnis(3:50)
  • Toccata in re minore(3:43)
  • The Holy Family(3:28)
  • Gloria in excelsis Deo(5:07)
  • Il monastero(4:06)
  • Requiem aeternam(4:17)
  • Marcia dei nubendi(3:05)
  • Ave Maria Gounod (Sung Version)(5:16)
  • Ave Maria Gounod (Instrumental)(5:13)


  • Coro Città di Roma
  • Mauro Marchetti (conductor)
  • Manuela Malu (vocals in “Ave Maria Gounod”)
  • Supernova Symphony Orchestra
  • Nico Ciricugno (viola in “Tantum ergo”)