• Release date: March 13, 2024 (Library WAV) - March 29, 2024 (digital)
  • Catalogue: Mamma Mia Music MMM26
  • Publishing: FM Records S.r.l.
  • Genre: production music
  • Running time: 19:40
  • Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Andrea Montepaone
    Produced by Alessandro Pinnelli
    Recorded between January and February 2024 at Abbey Rocchi studio in Rome
    Sound engineer: Simone Sciumbata
    Woodwinds recorded at FM Records studio in Rome
    Sound engineer: Giuseppe Fusco
    Mixed in February 2024 at FM Records studio in Rome
    Sound engineer: Giuseppe Fusco
    Mastered in February 2024 at OS3 Mastering studio in Latina
    Sound engineer: Roberto Romano



  • Street Theater in Naples(1:46)
  • Sailing the Grand Canal(2:46)
  • Hills of Florence(2:29)
  • Breath of Sardinia(1:53)
  • Saturday at the Village(1:29)
  • Tiber Romance(2:51)
  • Sicilian Tales(2:16)
  • Sunset over the Peaks(2:09)
  • Joust of the Quintana(2:01)


  • Guido Costanzo (mandolin)
  • Massimiliano Rosati (classical and acoustic guitars)
  • Renato Vecchio (launeddas in “Breath of Sardinia”)
  • Supernova Symphony Orchestra
  • Alessio Mancini (alto recorder in “Sicilian Tales” and “Hills of Florence”, soprano recorder in “Joust of the Quintana”, ocarina in “Sunset over the Peaks”)
  • Luca Pincini (cello in “Sunset over the Peaks”)
  • Silvia Vicari (violin in “Saturday at the Village”)